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Let us help your business

Acquire contracts

You'll find contracts from verified sources.


Minimize the risk of exceeding the schedule and budget.


Improve control over the project.

We support the whole process!

Contracts acquisition


Quickly find contracts from different countries, fitted to your preferences



The easy way to create and visualize tasks using Gantt diagram.




Simple way to calculate the total cost of the project based on data from the schedule, that includes resources, margin and risk


The most important information in one place

Displaying the most important information for you on the dashboard.


Project control


Improving project supervision using the notification system and data display

We adapt to your rules!


Adjust the system to individual organizational structure of your company.




Use the default workflow or if necessary define your own.

Roles and user groups

Separate users into roles, groups and teams, so that manage them would be simpler.


Types of issues


Define the types of issues and information that they contain with rules in your company.

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