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Standing Offer List, Digitization Services and Resources, Service Alberta

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Submission deadline: 2021-01-29, hour , location:

4. Modification of the contract

Provides for substantial changes of provisions of the agreement in relation to the content of the offer, under which the selection of the contractor:

5. Object of the contract

5.1. Determine object of the contract

5.1.1. Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority

Standing Offer List, Digitization Services and Resources, Service Alberta

5.1.2. Type of contract

5.1.3. Determining the object and the size or scope of the contract

Standing Offer List, Digitization Services and Resources, Service Alberta ***UPDATE #5 POSTED 2017-03-02*** Update 5 amends the PQR ***UPDATE #4 POSTED 2016-10-25*** Update 4 provides answers to questions received ***UPDATE #3 POSTED 2016-10-04*** Update 3 provides answers to questions received ***UPDATE #2 POSTED 2016-09-20*** Update 2 amends the PQR and provides answers to questions received ***UPDATE #1 POSTED 2016-09-13*** Update 1 provides answers to questions received The Open Government Division of Service Alberta is responsible for making available the services and resources associated with digitization requirements. This approach will ensure a consistent, competitive, but flexible approach in the delivery of these services. The primary purpose of this Pre-Qualification Request (PQR) is to provide a tool to procure services to improve business process efficiencies through the use of digital information management. This PQR is issued by Service Alberta in order to establish a Standing Offer List of Pre-qualified Contractors capable of providing professional and consulting services and/or resources specific to digitization projects (e.g. Digitization Services and/or Digitization Resources). This PQR will establish a pool of Pre-Qualified Contractors able to provide one or more of the following digitization service components and resource roles: •    Digitization •    Microform •    Quality Assurance Operator •    Document Preparation Clerk •    Information Management Consultant •    Digitization Auditor •    Compliance Officer All questions relative to this notice must be directed to Jackie Ruttan, Project Contracting Analyst, at This procurement is subject to Chapter 5 (Procurement) and the MASH Annex of the Agreement on Internal Trade.

5.3. Advances


5.4. Envisages to provide supplementary contracts:


5.5. Whether submitting a partial offer:


5.6. Whether submitting variant offer:


6. Administrative information.

6.1 Address of a website, on which accessible terms of reference:

No concerns

6.2 Deadline for submitting requests to participate or tenders:


6.3 Deadline of the tender:

6.4 Additional information, including the financing of the project / program from European Union funds:

No concerns

6.5 Will there be any cancellation of the contract award procedure, in case no funds from the budget of the European Union and non-returnable centers from the aid provided through Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) which were supposed to be intended to financing all or part of the order:


7. Contracting authority

7.1. Name and address

Alberta Public Sector

7.1.1. Website address of the contracting authority:

No concerns

7.1.2. Website address, under which information concerning the dynamic purchasing system:

No concerns

7.2. Type of contracting authority