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IT Resources Service Pool

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Submission deadline: 2021-01-30, hour , location:

4. Modification of the contract

Provides for substantial changes of provisions of the agreement in relation to the content of the offer, under which the selection of the contractor:

5. Object of the contract

5.1. Determine object of the contract

5.1.1. Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority

IT Resources Service Pool

5.1.2. Type of contract

5.1.3. Determining the object and the size or scope of the contract

IT Resources Service Pool Subject to the availability of sufficient internal Ministry resources, the Ministry may, from time to time, require contracted resources to provide services for project or initiative-specific tasks and assignments. The purpose of this RFQ is to establish Resource Pools of qualified Resources, in various Resource Categories, to provide Services to the Ministries. The Resource Pools will be refreshed on an ongoing basis throughout the term of this Request (refer to section 2.5 of this Request, Resource Pool Administration). Vendors may provide Submissions to this Request at any time, while the Request is open. Vendors may propose Resources for multiple Resource Categories, and should provide Submissions for all Resource Categories of interest. When a Ministry determines that Services are required, an Opportunity Posting, outlining the specific Resource Category, requirements and evaluation criteria, will be posted to the Alberta Purchasing Connection. All Vendor Resources qualified within the relevant Resource Category will be considered for the Opportunity Posting. While an Opportunity Posting is open, Vendors may also submit new Resources for consideration and/or update existing Submissions. Resources submitted on RFQ: AE-AAET-ITM-2011-01 prior to this Request will not be ‘carried over’ to Resource Pools established through this Request. The Ministry will not accept new Vendor Submissions for previous RFQ: AE-AAET-ITM-2011-01 after September 05, 2016. Notwithstanding the closing date of September 05, 2016, the Ministry reserves the right to use the previous RFQ: AE-AAET-ITM-2011-01 for in-progress opportunities and award contracts under the previous terms and conditions. Contracts established prior to this Request for Qualifications shall continue in full force and effect under the terms and conditions of any such contracts. As of September 20, 2016, Vendors may submit to this Request. Vendors are encouraged to submit Resources that may not be immediately available, but that may become available during the term of this Request. The Ministry reserves the right to update, or modify this Request or any Opportunity Posting at any time. Further, the Ministry reserves the right to cancel this Request or any Opportunity Posting at any time without notice and without penalty. Other GoA Departments could choose to leverage the Resource Pools established through this Request.

5.3. Advances


5.4. Envisages to provide supplementary contracts:


5.5. Whether submitting a partial offer:


5.6. Whether submitting variant offer:


6. Administrative information.

6.1 Address of a website, on which accessible terms of reference:

No concerns

6.2 Deadline for submitting requests to participate or tenders:


6.3 Deadline of the tender:

6.4 Additional information, including the financing of the project / program from European Union funds:

No concerns

6.5 Will there be any cancellation of the contract award procedure, in case no funds from the budget of the European Union and non-returnable centers from the aid provided through Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) which were supposed to be intended to financing all or part of the order:


7. Contracting authority

7.1. Name and address

Alberta Public Sector

7.1.1. Website address of the contracting authority:

No concerns

7.1.2. Website address, under which information concerning the dynamic purchasing system:

No concerns

7.2. Type of contracting authority